Terms and Policy

Terms and Policy

Please read the terms and policy clearly before booking any trips

Gurkha Encounters (GE) always prioritize the safety and well-being of its clients. However, the adventure activities such as trekking in high altitudes, mountaineering, and flights always come with the inherent risk of injuries and even death. So, you must be aware of the associated risks while booking trips. 

Below is the contract between GE and anyone booking trips with us (Clients), so please read it carefully. These terms and policies will be the basis of the legal agreement between the two parties.

  1. The company Gurkha Encounters (GE) is a registered tour operator based in Subarna Shamsher Marg 700, Baluwatar, Kathmandu, under the Company Act of Nepal.

  2. During the initial booking, the clients must pay GE at least 40% of the trip cost to confirm the trip. The remaining amount can be deposited before the trip date or delivered directly to GE on arrival in Kathmandu per the client's wishes.

  3. Any banking fee imposed during the transaction will be the sole responsibility of the clients. If the client pays by credit card, an additional 4% surcharge will be added to the payable amount. The Credit Card payment service provider imposes the charge for customer protection by terms and conditions related to the credit card.

  4.  Cancellation and refund policies
    If the client has to cancel the trip 90 days before their trip starting date, GE will refund 100% of the advance. (Transaction fee imposed by the bank will be deducted from the amount)

    If the client has to cancel the trip 30 days before their trip starting date, GE will charge 10% of the package cost as a cancellation fee.

    If the client cancels the trips less than 30 days before their trip starting date, GE will not be liable to refund the 40% booking advance made by the client. However, considering the situation, GE can offer to postpone or reschedule their trip date with mutual understanding. Still, clients may have to bear any cancellation charges the hotels and airlines impose.

  5. GE will be responsible for providing information on any civil/political unrest, epidemic, or emergencies that may cause problems during the client's trip. If the situation leads to the cancellation of the trip for safety reasons, GE and the client must agree to mutual compensation.

  6. If the client has to cancel after starting the trip due to medical or family emergencies, GE will not be liable to provide refunds. 

  7. GE highly emphasizes that its clients be insured during trips to the Himalayan region. If clients are uninsured or their insurance doesn't cover emergency rescues and medical treatment, they must bear all the expenses alone. The client must always carry a copy or proof of insurance.

  8. During mountaineering or trekking, if you are deemed unable to continue the trip due to physical conditions, GE's guide will have the full authority to cancel the trip and suggest an alternative trip or evacuate you from the high-altitude zone. Our main priority is to grant our client's safety rather than compromising it to complete the journey.

  9. The details about the trail route, highways, and other information provided in the itinerary by GE are pretty accurate and up-to-date. Still, GE won't be held responsible in case of unfortunate inaccuracies. We highly appreciate your help in correcting them.

  10. GE will make the best alternative arrangements if any cancellations or delays of flights/transfers occur during the trips due to weather, natural calamities, or any other reason. However, the client must bear all the extra charges. 

  11. If the client has any specific food allergy or health conditions, GE must be notified before the trip start date. GE representatives will do their best to assist your needs. However, the client will be responsible for getting a proper checkup and a physician's expert opinion for any vaccinations or medication they must have for the trip. Any chronic/fatal medical accident will not be the liability of GE.

  12. GE will provide details on the services included and excluded in every trip package, so please read it thoroughly and clear all your doubts. Upon making the booking, it will be understood as the client agrees to it. Anything not mentioned in the included service section will be charged extra to the client.

  13. GE works with many local service providers and government institutions to run their trips. In case of loss, delay, injury, or any damage that occurred due to those third parties, GE won't be held liable. However, GE will try its best to provide alternative solutions if possible.

  14. The above terms and conditions act as an agreement between GE and the client and are governed by Nepal Government.